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Truespoke Truewire Wheels - Size 15 X 7 inch 72-Spoke standard knock-off style as used on a Cobra Replica.
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All automobiles shown in our Customer's Car Show pages are equipped with our products. Photos and information submitted came directly from our loyal customers. We thank you for participating and all of your cars are trophy-winners in our book! If you would like to submit photos of your vehicle (we also equip trailers and motorcycle trikes) please click on this link and send us some photos and descriptions. We have the best customers on Earth!
Thanks a million!

Is this a one-off or is it a production car? If you guessed one-off, you are wrong. This is Mr. Bill Kingwell's fascinating automobile known as an Alti. We have to admit that we have seen a lot of cars in our time but nothing like this one. This car was factory built in 1984. A total of 51 Altis were constructed and all but one of them ended up overseas. The manufacturer kept one car for himself. Flash-forward to 2011 when Bill purchased this car for himself. He describes the car as being "butt-ugly" when he first bought her. That didn't stop Bill from customizing the car to his own tastes. When it came to wire wheels, Mr. Kingwell's first choice was Truespoke. These classic-cross-lace wires were prepared for Bill's car which is now show quality. This is a unique car to be sure and we are very happy that our customer is taking the Alti out to car shows where the public can enjoy seeing this unusual and distinctive vehicle.

Auburn Replica - Owner: Mr. Ron Turner - Wheels: 50-Spoke Truespokes

John Rosebrugh's 1982 Phillips Berlina Coupe SE. #119 of 143 and one of the 17 SE MODELS - Owner: Mr. Russell Carlson

Owner: Mr. Ken Fischang - 1981 Packard formerly owned by Dean Martin

Seville Opera Coupe - Owner: Mr. Bill Robinson

This Auburn Speedster replica belongs to customer Hal Engstrom. The wheels are 15 X 10 inch, Cross-lace 56 spoke Truespokes, standard pattern. The wide whitewalls are 3.75 inches wide.
The engine is a rare 406 cubic inch Ford with multiple carburetors. Craftsmanship is excellent.

1976 Seville Milan Roadster - Owner: Mr. Brian Devlin - Texas - 17 X 7" Brougham 50 Truespoke wire wheels with Vogue Tires




Mr. Guy H. Buelens of Missouri sent us these photos of his restored 1983 Gazelle. As part of the restoration, our restoration department restored his wire wheels. Mr. Buelens went on to tell us in a thank you letter, "Here are some pictures of my car with the wheels you restored. They are brand new! You did a perfect job on them. Please use these pictures on your website. I could not have asked for a better job on the wheels. The car is a 1983 Gazelle. It took me three years to build it and I am very proud of it. Thanks again for the perfect job and I will tell everyone who I meet who did the work on my wheels. Mr. Guy H. Buelens."
1983 Gazelle

The wheels shown above are how Mr. Buelen's wheels looked after restoration. For more information on our restoration services, please click on this link.

Shown at the 2011 SEMA show was this phenomenal Auburn Speedster tribute from California Custom Coach. You can purchase one of these cars which takes six months to build. The wheels are custom-built Truespokes.

  • Alex Christodulidis poses with his superb 1936 Auburn Boattail, Model 876 at the 2011 SEMA show. This incredible tribute to the Auburn of yesterday has to be seen to be believed. Naturally, Alex chose Truespoke for the wire wheels. For more information on the California Custom Coach Model 876, please click on this link.



  • This Ultra-Luxe Lincoln is called the "Bugazzi" and was hand-built by award winning Kustomizer David Pyegeorge. David selected our Cadillac wire wheels and caps and added a bullet to them. These bullets are available in our accessory department if you like this smooth and kustom look. We think this Lincoln is definitely over-the-top. What do you think? Thank you David for riding with Motorspot!


Lincoln Neo-Classic - Owner: Bob Childres - Truespoke 50-spoke 15 X 6" wheels with 3-bar spinners.

C. Bessat - Paris: 1960 Mercedes Custom - Wheels: 50-spoke Truespokes with 3-bar spinners


  • Paris, France. This is an ultra-rare Clenet. Although this car was built in California, the French owner imported this very clean car to the magical city of Paris. Just picture this car rolling down the Champs Delysee! The wheels are custom built 15 X 7 inch with 56 spokes and a special backspace. The spokes and nipples are made from stainless steel. We supplied the hubcaps and the owner used the original Clenet emblelms. The tires are American Classic brand, size: P235/75R15 from our tire division. The white stripe is 1.6" wide.  Please click here for more information on whitewall tires.
    We appreciate our valued customer sending us these exciting photos.


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