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Chrome Cadillac Spoked Rim.

Thunderbird wire wheel with spinner cap.

Chevrolet 56 spoke wire wheel.

Cadillac Wire Wheels

Thunderbird Wire Wheels

Chevrolet GM Wire Wheels

Chrysler Motor Wheel with Chrysler hubcap.

Buick 56 spoke chrome wire rim.

5-bladed Astro Supreme rim.

Chrysler-MoPar Wire Wheels

Buick Wire Wheels

Truespoke® Custom Supremes

Hot Rod 52 spoke wire wheel.

Truespoke®  Trueray®  Trueclassic®

Knock-Off Style Wire Wheels

Hot Rod Wire & Steel Wheels

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Truespoke® Wire Wheels since 1974. Hand-built to show quality standards. Serving collector car owners, professional restoration shops, hot rod, customizers and lowriders. Your source for Chrome wire wheels, Kelsey Hayes style wire wheels, Cadillac wire wheels, Thunderbird wire wheels, Chrysler spoke wheels and Ford spoked rims. All types of wire wheels for sale.
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