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Owner: Mr. Jesus Villalobos. Wheels: 50 Spoke Truespokes®. Size: 14 X 7 Inches. Style: Reverse. 3-Bar Spinner. Tires: Premium Sport 5.20X14 Narrow White Walls
We can prepare this exact package for you. Simply call or email us.

All automobiles shown in our Customer's Car Show pages are equipped with our products. Photos and information submitted came directly from our loyal customers. We thank you for participating and all of your cars are trophy-winners in our book! If you would like to submit photos of your vehicle (we also equip trailers and motorcycle trikes) please click on this link and send us some photos and descriptions. We have the best customers on Earth!
General Motors Cars
Chevrolet - Cadillac - Buick - Pontiac - Oldsmobile

Owner: Mr. Brock Catronio
Wheels and tires fit perfect. Now i need to lower the car a touch but man, what a difference wheels and tires make.
Fleetwood 60 wheels, size 15 X 7" Standard

1971 Buick Electra 225
Owner: Mr. Ronald McNeil. Truespoke 50-Spoke wire wheels with 3 bladed spinners. Wheel size: 18 X 8 inches. Combined with Vogue 235/50R18 white and gold tires. Purchased as a package from Truespoke.
Mr. McNeil says, "Thanks a lot guys they came out beautifully!!!"


1960 Cadillac - Owner: Mr. Jesse Osborne
Wheels: Fleetwood 60 by Truespoke 15 X 7 inches

Mr. John Tarantino -  Brougham-50 and Vogue wheel and tire package. Tire size: P215/70R15.

1972 Buick - Owner: Larry Jockers
14 X 6" 50-Spoke Truespokes & P215/70R14 Tires.

Mr. Jessee Lopez

Mr. Joel Slaven

 "I can't believe it has been two years since we bought our new Truespoke wheels and whitewall tires from you. They are working perfectly and they still have California air in them. We have put about nine thousand miles on them since we installed them.  We cruise at freeway speeds and they ride and perform really well. Your service was exceptional. Attached are a couple of pictures. The wheels and tires really set the car off nicely."
Thanks, Chuck and Karla Russell Edmonds, WA


This is my first photo with my new wheels and tires. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase, you truly get what you pay for and TRUSPOKES are truly the best.Perfect look for my 1977 Cadillac Seville with only 70,000 miles.
Thanks Again, G. Roberts, St.Louis, Mo

Mr. Steve Wright of Mariposa, California owns this 1955 Buick with original 50-spoke Truespokes.


Owner: Mr. Alex Decleves "Hi Motorspot, I've finally received the wheels last Monday, all in good condition, they look really good!!!!! As promised a couple of pictures for your Customer Hall of Fame.....Thanks again for your customer care and your seriousness. I will let you know if i need more wheels Thanks a lot, Alex
Vehicle: 1957 Chevrolet equipped with 50-spoke Truespoke chrome-steel wire wheels and 3-bladed knock-off spinners. The tires are size P205/75R15 and have a 2.5" wide whitewall. Click here to see these style wheels

Mr. Robert Piehl

1964 Cadillac - Owner: Mr. Dave Ceccanti

1964 Buick Riviera with 50-spoke Truespokes - Owner: Mr. Joe Wood

1964 Buick Riviera - Owner: Mr. Johan Ostman

Mr. Johnny Hals


Owner: Mr. Ramiro Cazares

Robert Cuevas - 1965 Buick Riviera

MMr. Ruffin Courtney - "Just like to say thanks for all the help you guys have provided, everyone in A.Z. wants to know"
Buick Park Lane


1957 Chevrolet Bel Air with Truespoke Wire Wheels. Owner: Mr. Gary Curr

1959 Chevrolet Biscayne - Owner: Mr. Chris Keo

Mr. Terry Richardson
Skylark restoration

Hey Truespoke, Here is a picture of my customer's 1975 Chevelle that we imported from California recently. No one has a 1973 to 1977 Chevelle Coupe in Japan yet except my 1976. We just put the Air Ride and the set of TRUESPOKE 14x7 Reverse with 520s on this car. Thanks, Kyohei

Mr. Jose Navarro - 1968 Impala with Trueray wire wheels

Mr. Gerald E. Parker rides on 2011 Truespoke 50-spokes with narrow whitewalls. Standard chrome style 15 X 6".

Mr. Ron Lavine owns this outstanding 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Ron ordered our Truespoke 17 X 7" wheels with Vogue tires


1965 Cadillac
Owner: Mr. Arne Hansen - Norway
Fleetwood 60 wire wheels

1956 Buick mild-kustom.
Owner: Mr. Ed Labelle - Absolutely incredible!

The car is a 1969 Corvette which I customized and painted myself back in 1980. I wish I knew where it was today. These photos were taken in July of 1985, two hours before I sold the car! The wheels were purchased in 1980 at a cost of about $1,000. Rears are 15x10. Fronts are 15x8. Spacers were required to clear the calipers. Ed Chernoski - Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada

1963 Cadillac with 15 X 6" Truespokes - Owner: Ryno - Click on above photo for more images

1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass - Owner: Terry D

1963 Corvair - Owner: Mr. Peter Gross
The Corvair has a 102 hp carbureted engine with 2-speed powerglide transmisson, it is not a turbo.
 The Truespokes are 14 x 6, 4-lug, 4x4.5 lug pattern diameter. They are the most beautiful rims I have ever owned.

Mr. Hector Quintanilla owns this 1981 Chevrolet Malibu with 14 X 7" Truespokes

Robert Jeffries - 1967 Biscayne


Jim and Kathy Peters of Olympia, Washington. "We received the wire wheels you made for us this week and had them put on our car. We think they are beautiful and really make the car look special.
Thank you from two very satisfied customers." Jim and Kathy Peters.

1982 Buick Regal - Mr. Andre Howard
"Hello Truespoke, here are four pictures for your review.  As you can see, the Truespoke Wire Wheels
really brings out the character of the car.  Thanks"

Owner: Mr. Bob Hurst of San Diego, California
1962 Chevrolet Corvette

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air 210 on Truespoke 50-spoke wire wheels.

1976 Seville Milan Roadster
Owner: Mr. Brian Devlin - Texas

17 X 7" Brougham 50 Wheels
with Vogue Tires. Owner: Mr. Mark Mannuzza

Seville Opera Coupe - Owner: Mr. Bill Robinson

Corvette with 15 X 8" Trueray Wire Wheels

Owner: Mr. Adam Ontiveros

Mr. Ken Powell

The wheels and tires were delivered today they look great. Dads reaction when he saw them was OH WOW! If the attached picture is acceptable feel free to put it on your website. His name is Fred Thompson form Newburgh Indiana. 49 Chevy Deluxe. Thanks again for all your help with the ordering process. Keith

Mr. Luis Martinez - DeVille 72 Wire Wheels

1965 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
Owner: Mike Klain. VP of Antelope Valley Chapter of the Cadillac Kings cc

1961 Impala
Owner: Jimmy

Owner: Mr. Chris Brenner of Canada

Owner: Mr. Ben Galvan

1970 Impala - Owner: Aaron Dodson

Ford Motor Company
Fords - Lincolns - Mercurys


1959 Edsel Custom by Jay from

Mr. Curtis Fromm's elegant 1977 Lincoln rides on 14 X 7" reverse pattern Truespokes with 3-bar spinners.

Mr. Wallace Stokes

Thank you for this perfect wheels!
Jacob Russia Moscow. Ford Thunderbird Landau 1969

1969 Lincoln - Mr. Wallace Stokes

Mr. Ysidro Guzman's Lincoln runs 13 X 7" reverse pattern Truespokes with our Tiger Paw radials.

This unique Lincoln Neo-classic stretch coupe runs Truespokes with 3-bladed spinners. Owner: Mr. Bob Childres
International Truespoke Enthusiast Jaime Nadal owns this 1965 Thunderbird convertible.
The wide whites work well with the Truespoke 15 X 6" wheels.
1965 Mustang - Owners:  Derek & Margaret Small of the U.K. 14" Truespokes with P185/75R14 narrow whitewalls

1962 Lincoln Convertible with 15 X 6" Vintage Trueclassic Wire Wheels and Coker wide whitewall tires
Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler - Dodge - Plymouth - DeSoto - Imperial

Mr. Jerry Kadinger

Mr. Carmine Artiglio

1978 Chrysler Newport - Owner: Mr. Ron Bomberry
I've always wanted a set of true spokes on one of my vehicles. I think they compliment the styling of the cars of the 70's. Wheels are 45 spokes with spinners and P225/70R/15 tires. Thanks from Ron Bomberry in Ontario, Canada

11933 Plymouth - Owner: Mr. Stephen York - Wheel Restoration

Octopus's Garden - Ron Cambra of Orange, California

Mixed Marques
All other brands

Famed Kustomizer John D'Agostino's Stutz Bearcat show car rides on Truespoke 17 X 7" wire wheels with our new 2-bladed spinners.


1975 Avanti II - Owner: Mr. David Cory

Mr. Paul Romeo of California sent us these photos with this message, "Here are some pictures I promised of the car that the Truespokes went on. It's a replica of a 1929 Mercedes SSK roadster, a kit car. I built it in 1980 and after 30 years it was in bad shape. Six months ago I started the restoration and it's now complete. I'm very happy with the way the wheels came out, you did a fine job. Regards, Paul".

One of the more interesting cars we have seen on Truespokes is the 1953 Jaguar XK-120 Coupe owned by Ben Buksa of Weirton, West Virginia.
The 16 inch 50-spoke Truespokes with old 'skool bias-ply wide whites looks fantastic.

This is my 1936 Mercedes Benz Kit Car, I built years ago, 302 Ford, with mustang II running gear, Yes this is the old style Truespoke, 14" I believe #55-4786, Tru=Classic Wheel, Love the look of these wheels, They make the car look like a Million! This kit came with the steel wheels with the basket style covers, They looked like garbage! Best investment I made buying the Truespokes. Thanks, Greg



1965 Impala
Owner: Noelia "Nelly" Morales

Owner: Mr. Leon Rodriguez

Mr. Jesus Marquez

1961 Impala
Owner: Jimmy

Before and after photos - Mr. Keegan

1968 Impala - Owner: Mr. Jose Bonilla

Mr. George Saldana - Trueray Wire Wheels

1970 Monte Carlo
Owner: Mr. Mario Chapa



Owner: Mr. Jesus Villalobos
Premium Sport 5.20-14 tires are also available from Truespoke. The wheel size is 14 X 7" reverse pattern.

1946 Chevrolet Fleetline
Owner: Michael Valdes

Owner: Mr. Frankie Hernandez
1953 Chevrolet 210


Owner: Mr. John Black
1968 Buick Riviera

Mr. Tony Valle - 1965 Impala - 14 X 7" reverse Truespokes

1964 Impala SS
Owner: Mr. Rick Alblana

1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Owner: Mr. Henry Samaniego

Truespoke wheels with Premium Sports complete the picture. Owner: Ucali "Lupita" Shinova.

Mr. David Dominguez


Owner: Omar - 60-Spoke Trueray Wheels

1968 Impala - Truespoke with 2-blade spinners

1964 Impala - Trueclassic Wheels

Owner: Mr. Gonzalo Curiel


Mr. Adam Djou owns this show quality 1959 Impala with our new Truespokes and 5.20's.

1965 Impala - Owner: Mr. Mario Uribe - Tru=rays!

Paradise Road - Japan on Truespokes.

San Diego Celebrity, Xavier - the X-Man took 3rd Place honors at the 2010
Las Vegas Lowrider Super Show in  the 60’s Street Custom Convertibles. Xavier The X-Man - Magic 92.5 "San Diego's Old School" -

Seen at the Grand National Roadster Show in January 0f 2011 was the 1973 "The Mother Ship" Buick Riviera owned by Mr. Ruben Diaz of Newark, California. These vintage Truespokes are part of a total Truespoke theme. Check out the license plate!

Above: Shinobu from Parliament Car Club - Japan - 1951 Chevrolet on 2008 Truespokes - 14 X 6 Reversed

1969 Impala - Owner: Mr. Daniel Kelman

James Nuanes - 1978 Caprice Classic with 14 X 7" reverse Truerays.

Mr. Manuel Vera is from Texas and his Monte Carlo rides on Truewire 100-spoke reverse wheels.

1977 Monte Carlo - Owner: Mr. Al Cabrera
Trueray wire wheels with hex cap

Owner: Mr. George Saldana - Trueray

Owner: Mr. Adam Ontiveros

Owner: Mr. Carlos Gonzales

Owner: Linda Browne

Owner: Mr. Joe Martinez


1956 Chevrolet Bel Air
Owner: Conrad Garcia

1939 Master Deluxe
Owner: Joe Epstein

The wheels and tires were delivered today they look great. Dads reaction when he saw them was OH WOW! If the attached picture is acceptable feel free to put it on your website. His name is Fred Thompson form Newburgh Indiana. 49 Chevy Deluxe. Thanks again for all your help with the ordering process. Keith

1950 Ford Shoebox Custom - Owner: Mr. Ron Smith - Wheels: 50-spoke Truespoke standard pattern
 with "Donut" caps.

Owner: Mr. Ramiro Cazares

Before and after photos - Mr. Keegan


Custom Cars

Mr. Tony Robertson - 1956 Cadillac

Mr. Kris Ziemlo - 1959 Cadillac

1960 Cadillac - Owner: Mr. Jesse Osborne
Wheels: Fleetwood 60 by Truespoke 15 X 7 inches

Kyohei from Wheels Unlimited in Japan sent us these photos of his primo 1964 Riviera with Cragar spinners

This 1966 Pontiac Tempest is owned by Dr. Steven Alvarez-Mott

1964 Buick Riviera -
Owner: Mr. Johan Ostman


Owner: Ryan - Built by Hillview Kustoms


Owner: Mr. Todd Stevens - 1947 Cadillac by Squeeq's Customs


The Truespoke display was a huge hit with the fans. Our spokes-model, Kim Falcon was on hand signing autographs and running our hourly auction. We gave away over $1,000.00 in prizes and merchandise. Mr. Stan Kolan's Caballero "Dorothy" was a real showstopper and we had plenty of Motorspot and Truespoke wheels on display.

The end result is outstanding and I have received many compliments on the beautiful new wires! Thanks for all your help, Joe Licciardello

Auburn Replica - Owner: Mr. Ron Turner

Clenet with Truespokes


1975 Olds Delta 88
The wheels look great and ride very smooth. Thanks again, the car is complete now. Yeftahe Neftaliem -
Mr. Russell Carlson




Hot Rods

Captured on the Road - Vintage Hot Rod with Truespoke wires

Rick and Deb Huskisson of Newmarket Ontario enjoy rides in the country in their 38 Ford 5 window deluxe coupe. They sure look good. Thanks TRUESPOKE!

Mr. Norm Silver

Mr. Tom Hansen

Mr. Tom Peterson - 1931 Ford

Mr. Charles Rich

 Mr. Bill Westall's incredible 1932 Ford Hot Rod rides on Truespoke Hot Rod wheels with wide white wall radials.
The spokes and nipples are chrome plated steel. The Ford V8 cap was also supplied by us.

Mr. Steve York

Dear Truespoke, Good morning. Attached are a few photos on my Chevy after I put the new wheels on.
The wheels do indeed make the car look better. I have had so many compliments on the car and your wheels. Good job. I would recommend your company to anyone. Warm regards and I am starting to work on another vintage car. Regards, Joseph Boisvert (The wheels shown are Truespoke 50-spoke, all-chrome).

Mr. Darrel Copeman of Byron, Michigan chose Truespoke to build his 18 inch wire wheels for his outstanding 1931 Chevrolet. The wheels are 18 X 8" and 18 X 5.5" and use 52 chrome-steel spokes. This is our Hot Rod style wheel.
Mr. Chet Miller

Mr. J.P. Flores - 1933 Chevrolet Master with Truespoke 50-spoke wire wheels and 3-bladed spinners.

Mike Trenor - Salem, Virginia uses our Chrome and Color Hot Rod wire wheels. Bengal red with stainless steel spokes and 16" radial Cokers.

"I send you photos of my 32' Chevy.  The Chevy rides on 16 x 4.5'' Truespoke Hot Rod Wire Wheels with trim rings. Whitewall tires 6.00 front and 6.50 rear.
Very good quality wire wheels. Thank you. Greetings from Switzerland. Bertrand Schaerer"

Wayne Morrison's 1933 Ford Tudor Sedan

1929 Model A Ford Hot Rod  "Attached is a photo of my 1929 Model A as promised. We originally chose True Spoke wheels because of their superior quality and that decision hasn't been wrong." Jim Haefele

Jim and Judy Scott own this spectacular 1931 Ford Victoria - all steel body. These are the new generation Truespokes.

T-Bucket is owned by Mr. Tim Strouse. Check out the deeply reversed Tru's!

1931 Hudson Town Sedan
Owner: Dr. R. D. Harris - Hurricane, Utah

Before and after

Mr. Bill Schuman ordered a custom set of Hot Rod Wires for his special 'Rod. Bill sent this photo with the following note:

Mr. Richard Warthen of Sacramento, California ordered a set of our new chrome-plated, Hot Rod Wire Wheels for his 1930 Ford Model A with a TCI frame and suspension. Rick runs 15 X 6 inch wires in the front with wider, 15 X 8" rims in the rear. These wheels have 52 spokes and are also available in stainless steel spokes and nipples. Thank you Mr. Warthen for choosing Motorspot, Inc. for your wire wheel needs.
Model A Coupe. Owner: Terry's Kustom Auto
Truespoke all chrome hot rod wheels 

Owner: Mr. James W Ritchey

Supreme Wheels

Mr. Maurice Merchant - 1965 Impala

1966 Buick LeSabre. Tire's are P205 75R 15 American Classic's and wheels are 15x6 Supreme's. Owner: Steve Hamilton.
1960 Cadillac with Truespoke Supremes and wide whitewalls

Mr. Jose Gutierrez
1976 Seville - Owner: Mr. Dave Cruikshank

I purchased a set of wheels and tires for my 62 T Bird and I couldn't be happier here is a picture of it all done in case you want to put it on your website thanks again
Jorge Vasquez

Ralph Gonzales

1966 Chrysler 300
Owner: David Espinoza

® Knock-Off Style Wheels

1966 Lincoln
Owner: Mr. Doug Switzer
100-Spoke Truewire Knock-off Wheels 15 X 6"
1960 Falcon - 13 X 5.5" Standard 100 spoke knock-off rims with redline tires. Owner: Mr. Buchannon
Mr. Manuel Vera - 100 spoke Truewires

Jimmy Marson 1986 Fleetwood Brougham. 16 X 7 inch 100 spoke knock-offs.

Owner: Mr. Floyd Black

Owner: Mr. Floyd Black

Owner: Mr. Aranda

1990 Lincoln Town Car with 155/80R13 Tires on 13 x 7 Truewire 72 Spoke wheels

Trucks & Trikes

Mr. Bob Carlson - OEM Steel Wheels and wide whitewall tires
Donna Miller - Chrome Hot Rod Wires
Chrome Hot Rod Style 52-Spoke Wires

The truck is a 1950 Ford F-1. It has been in my family for three generations. My grandfather bought it brand new in 1950. It spent most of its time working on a farm from 1950-1969. My dad inherited it 1969 and drove it fairly regularly until 1986 when he garaged it and it became a rust bucket. It stayed there until I got it and started working on it in 2011. The most interesting thing is it still has the original Ford 239 V8 flathead motor. Randy Bennett.


Two views of Mr. David DeCosta's Harley Davidson Trike which runs our stainless steel spoked Hot Rod wire wheels.


1931 Ford Pick-up with DeSoto hemi power. 15 and 16 inch hot rod wire wheels with Firestone bias-ply tires. 

It is not unusual for us to prepare custom-built wire wheels for trikes such as the one owned by our customer, Mr. Stephen Wells of San Antonio, Texas. This Harley Davidson powered rig runs our 52-spoke Hot Rod style wire wheels. The spokes are chrome plated steel and the hub and outer rim are powdercoated in an ink-black finish. The hub caps are stainless steel. The wheels measure 15 X 8" with a 3.25" backspace on a reverse pattern.

1929 Ford Pick Up - Owner: Bill Dunaway

1936 Chevrolet Pick-up. Owner: Mr. Allen Carpenter. The wheels are our Hot Rod style with 52 spokes powder-coated black. Please click here for more information.

Ron Cambra built and owns this long wheel base 1971 Dodge called Octopuss' Garden. Ron chose our new Truespokes with 3-bladed spinners to top off his rims.
This really trick van is a featured vehicle in Truckin' Magazine

Above: Ron and Cristy Sheehan of Fortuna, California own this choice 1946 Ford Woodie with rare blue-cap spinners. Check out the giant redwoods!

1929 Ford Model A Panel Truck. Owner: Mr. Robert Walker of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Lisa Johnson sent us these photos of her Truespoke equipped Ford pick-up. Here is what she has to say:
"Attached are a couple of pictures of my pick-up.  When you see the picture of the rear and tailgate you’re going to say to yourself “that’s a Ford?”.  But I took a 68 Chrysler New Yorker and literally transplanted that entire car into this body.  The truck has the Chrysler’s dashboard, seat, door handles, keys and the car lives in this truck.  It’s powered by a 440 6pak and of course Chrysler running gear.  It’s rather unique and gets a lot of looks when it comes off the trailer. It’s a first class piece, with first class wheels and your product deserves the best too."

Owner: Mr. Freddie Escobedo

Chevrolet C-10 Pick-up
Owner: Mr. William Dyer


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