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1950 Buick Super Model 51 - Tour back. Owner: Mr. Harry Hill
All automobiles shown in our Customer's Car Show pages are equipped with our products. Photos and information submitted came directly from our loyal customers. We thank you for participating and all of your cars are trophy-winners in our book! If you would like to submit photos of your vehicle (we also equip trailers and motorcycle trikes) please click on this link and send us some photos and descriptions. We have the best customers on Earth!
Thanks a million!

1957 Buick - Owners: Matthew and Sue Leslie Adelaide, South Australia

1957 Buick - Owner: Mr. Ron DeVito

1957 Caballero - Owner: Precious Metals - 15 X 6" Buick Truespoke Wire Wheels

Owner: Mr. Kent Shuff

Hi Truespoke, Attached are several photos of our recent trip to California. The Buick now has 45,000+ miles on odometer since completion. The Truespoke stainless steel wire wheels remain flawless and continue to run straight without any vibration. With the Art Morrison chassis, Buick 455 engine and tire/wheel combination, the "old boat" draws lots of attention and is a pleasure to drive. Thanks again for all your expertise and helpful comments throughout this process. The tire/wheel combination is perfect. Mr. Jerry Gray, your very satisfied customer
Please click here for more Buick wheel and tire information.

1957 Buick - Owner: Al Sayed Al Hashimi - Tires: Goodyear P225/75R15 - 3" whitewalls.

1956 Buick Special – Owner: Mr. Orn Sigurdsson – Iceland. Truespoke 56 Spoke- 15 X 6". American Classic P225/75R15 2.75" whitewalls.
"Just like to inform you that the tires and wheels arrived in good order to Iceland, and has already been installed on the Buick, which now looks fantastic." Mr. Orn Sigurdsson

"Here’s a couple of pictures of my 56 Century Wagon fitted with your beautiful wheels." Rob Hayden. Melbourne, Australia

1946 Buick Super - Mr. Mark Lob - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1965 Buick Riviera GS - Owner: Mr. Richard Rowlands. "I wanted to send you a couple of better photos of my 1965 Buick Riviera Gran Sport with the beautiful Skylark wire wheels I got from you. Thank you again for all your hard work in getting these wheels so quickly. Take care and best wishes. Richard Rowlands. Click here for more information on Buick Skylark wheels.

Buick Park Lane - Owner: Mr. Ruffin Courtney - Wheels: 50 Spoke Truespokes - 15 X 6" Standard pattern with 3-bar spinners.

1965 Riviera - Owner: Mr. Vern Lacousiere. These are original Buick Skylark wire wheels that were restored by us with wide whitewall tires.

1935 Buick - Owner: Mr. Leland Dockery - Custom-built Truespoke wire wheels

I can't believe it has been two years since we bought our new Truespoke wheels and whitewall tires from you. They are working perfectly and they still have California air in them. We have put about nine thousand miles on them since we installed them.  We cruise at freeway speeds and they ride and perform really well. Your service was exceptional. Attached are a couple of pictures. The wheels and tires really set the car off nicely.
Thanks, Chuck and Karla Russell Edmonds, WA

Buick Super - Owner: Mr. Mark Trasport

1972 Buick Centurion


1932 Buick - Owner: Vondell Plunkett

Owner: Don Lob - 1948 Buick Super




  • Mr. Roger Roberds of Tampa, Florida sent us these photos of his 1972 Buick convertible with Truespoke 15 X 6" wire wheels and 3-bladed spinners. Mr. Roberds is an original owner and tells us the car is in better condition that when it was new.

Motorspot, Inc. Customer, Mr. Dennis Teague is the owner of this wire wheel equipped 1952 Buick Super.
Having a great, original appearance to it, this Buick really looks special with these 15 X 6, Buick style wire wheels.

West Coat Kustoms Cruisin' Nationals - Santa Maria, California. Motorspot, Inc. presented a special trophy to the Kustom with the best use of wire wheels-any brand. Mr. Laurie Peterson of Canada Customs of West Vancouver, BC drove this jaw-dropping 1954 Buick all the way down and back. One of the Top 5 Kustoms at the event, Laurie's Buick is phenomenal in all respects. These are Kelsey-Hayes replicas.


   Mr. Michael Bohn sent us these photos of his very special 1951 Buick Roadmaster that he has lovingly restored. The wire wheels really help send this car over the top. The use of spinners on the wheels also works well on this exceptional Buick. Mr. Bohn lives in Clarksburg, WV.



  •  Bernard BLEIN of the Beaujolais region of France ordered a set of our Buick wheels with "smoothie" type caps for this fascinating 1948 Buick convertible. Mr. BLEIN's Buick is used in his business of wedding planning/transportation. A wedding is taking place in the background. What a great way to start out your married life. Please click on this link for more information on Mr. BLEIN's company.


1958 Buick Roadmaster - Owners: Marie and Micael Strömberg - "We live in Sweden,and are very interested in cars from the USA. Our cars have been restored in Sweden. Look at my Buick, it is very beautiful don't you agree?" Yes Marie and Micael, we certainly do. Wire wheels on an extraordinary car like yours are a perfect compliment. We also like how the spinner hubcaps look on this model also.


This impressive 1950 Buick Special Model 46SD is owned by Buick Enthusiasts, Lowell and JoAnn Seymour. Mr. and Mrs. Seymour reside in Topeka, Kansas. The Seymours equipped their concours Buick with our Buick wheel and tire package. The wheels are 15 X 6 inches and are fitted with BFG Silvertown wide whitewall tires. The whitewall tire stripe is 2.75". The hubcap is our 3-bladed spinner with a Buick emblem.

Please click on thumbnail images to view larger photograph.


This concours Buick Super received a fresh set of restored 40-spoke Kelsey Hayes wire wheels. We can supply original Buick Skylark wheels fully restored or we can restore yours to show-quality condition. Owner: Mr. Michael J. Moffitt - Hebron, Kentucky.

Mr. Denny Smith of Vandalia, MO, wanted to show us his new Buick wires with his wide whites that he purchased from us. Note how Mr. Smith selected the 3-bladed spinners for his wheels.

1950 Buick Super Model 51 - Tour back. Owner: Mr. Harry Hill

1937 Buick Resto-mod with our 56-spoke wire wheels and 3-bladed spinners.
The owners of this unusual and striking car are Darrell and Anne Farley of Largo, Florida. The wheels and tires fit the wheel wells perfectly.

This 1954 Buick Special is owned by Mr. Bob Yamello of New Jersey. Our Buick customers may select between the smooth cap as shown or a 3-bladed spinner cap. The tires used are steel belted radials with an approximate 2.5" whitewall stripe.



This 1954 Buick Skylark is owned by our customer, Mr. Terry Richards. The wheels shown are 40-spoke, original Buick Skylark rims. These wheels were restored by us using stainless steel spokes and nipples. We also supplied the P225/75R15 wide whitewall tires. Mr. Richards sent us photos with this comment:

"I have to tell you how pleased I was with the wheels and the quality of workmanship was A #1. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I am pleased to tell you that in the Fathers' Day car show in downtown Boise the Skylark was the crowd pleaser. Out of 176 cars we were picked as "Best In Show". My thanks to you all for your efforts and delivering an EXCELLENT product. I am grateful.
Terry Richards


Rick Dore relied on us for wire wheels such as are shown on the Skyscraper 1953 Buick Skylark, owned by James Hetfield of Metallica. 

 This impressive 1950 Buick Special Model 46SD is owned by Buick Enthusiasts, Lowell and JoAnn Seymour of Topeka, Kansas.

1972 Buick - Owner: Mr. Larry Jockers - San Antonio, Texas

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