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"Good Day TEAM TRUESPOKE®. As promised, enclosed are a couple of pictures showing off your new wheels on my 1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible (Sophia) here in Orlando.
THANK YOU for everything and look forward to ordering another set of 5 for my 1958 Continental MKIII Convertible (Marilyn). Simon A. Whit
All automobiles shown in our Customer's Car Show pages are equipped with our products. Photos and information submitted came directly from our loyal customers. We thank you for participating and all of your cars are trophy-winners in our book! If you would like to submit photos of your vehicle (we also equip trailers and motorcycle trikes) please click on this link and send us some photos and descriptions.
We have the best customers on Earth! Thanks a million!

1956 Lincoln MK II. Wheels: Truespoke® 15 X 6 inch, 56 spoke wire wheels. Tires: Firestone 8.20X15 wide white walls.

Good Day TEAM TRUESPOKE®. As promised, enclosed are a couple of pictures showing off your new wheels on my 1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible (Sophia) here in Orlando.
THANK YOU for everything and look forward to ordering another set of 5 for my 1958 Continental MKIII Convertible (Marilyn). Simon A. White

1958 Lincoln - Owner: Mr. Mike Dube

Owner: Mr. David Lucas - 1958 Ford with our Truespoke all-chrome wire wheels.

Owner: Mr. Tom Peluso - 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 with Truespoke All-chrome wire wheels and American Classic bias-look radials - Dresden blue original color. 292 V8
Please click here for a close-up of his wheels and tires.

Owner: Mr. Bill Cozart - 1961 Ford Galaxie

Mr. Billy Phillips owns this rare 1956 Ford Sunliner convertible. Mr. Phillips is running our Ford style wire wheels with 3-bladed spinners.
The tires are American Classic P205/75R15's with 2.5" wide whitewalls

Owner: Mr. Michael Perry. Vehicle: 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible. Wheels: Truespoke 56 spoke lip-lace. All chrome plated steel. Size: 15 X 6".
Tires: American Classic P235/75R15 steel belted radials with a 3 1/8" whitewall stripe. Sold as a package with 3-bladed spinner caps.

1956 Ford Sunliner Convertible - Owner: Mr. Don Severson. Please click here for another view of this phenomenal automobile.

"I just thought I should send some pictures of the wheels I bought from you installed on the car I restored for
Mr Ingar Thoresen (the owner)". Gry A Stordahl, Norway


1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible - Owner: Mr. Tom Benson
"The wheels arrived in excellent shape. They fit perfectly and look great on the car.  Thanks for your help in deciding which wheels would work best.  You hit the nail on the head."

1966 Lincoln
Owner: Mr. Doug Switzer
100-Spoke Truewire Knock-off Wheels 15 X 6"

Mr. Sal Narducci owns this sterling 1987 Lincoln Town Car. We built a special set of 50-spoke Truespoke wheels with 3-bar knock-offs. The wheels are 17 x 7".
We mounted a set of Vogue tires and shipped the package to Mr. Narducci.

Hi Truespoke! Thank you for all you help with my wheels. I have attached some photos of your wheels on my 1934 Ford - everyone that sees the wheels comments on how good they are.
We think they are fabulous. Cheers, Rod & Margaret McPhee from Melbourne. Please click here for more information on these Hot Rod style wire wheels.

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your help and incredible customer service. The wheels got here in a timely manner and in great shape. It was a bonus to see they already had chrome valve stems attached and the very trick bullet center caps too. I really do appreciate it!  I've attached some pics with the Supremes mounted on my '65 Mercury Comet Villager Wagon. It's pretty much impossible to get a picture of a car with Diamond Head in the background (all that real estate is taken up by hotels!). Hope these will do, a couple of them are taken at the Punchbowl Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.
A big Mahalo and Aloha! Jason Teraoka -
Please click here for more information on Truespoke Supreme Wheels

From Alaska, Mr. Greg Parson ordered these special built Hot Rod style wheels for his 1931 Ford pick up.
Mr. Brandon Woodley of Chicago, Illinois ordered our 56-spoke wire wheel package with Vogue tires for his 1988 Lincoln Towncar.
These are 15 X 6" Lincoln-style wheels. Please click here for more information on these wheels.
Mr. Woodley told us the fit and ride are fantastic. We can put a package together just like this for your special automobile.
Mr. Bill Westall's incredible 1932 Ford Hot Rod rides on Truespoke Hot Rod wheels with wide white wall radials.
The spokes and nipples are chrome plated steel. The Ford V8 cap was also supplied by us.
Please click here for more information.

1964 Lincoln - Dayton direct bolt 70 spoke wheels. Size: 15 X 6" with Goodyear P235/75R15 whitewall tires.


Mr. Peter Lepore's exciting 1956 Mercury is now Truespoke equipped. Wide whitewalls are 2.5". The fender skirts clear our wheels and tires just fine!

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 - Owner: Mr. Ray Sciaroni - Wheels: Truespoke 50-spokes


This 1958 Ford Fairlane is owned by Mr. Dennis Kordyak of San Bernardino, California. The wheels are 15 X 6" Ford wires with Ford crest spinners.

For more information and photographs of this very special car including restoration shots, please click here

Mr. Miller's unique example appears in the February 2009 issue of Hemmings Classic Car Magazine.

  • No car posted on our website has gotten more attention in recent memory than Mr. Jim Miller's 1956 Mercury Crown Montclair. The perfect, "what-if" car if we ever saw one. Naturally, Jim wanted the perfect look for his very special Mercury and he ordered our special Mercury wire wheels. Jim tells us, "The wheels are working out great. They really make the car regal and people love them".

  • The car is not a factory prototype or one-off. It may have been made for a company executive but Jim isn't sure. There is a picture of one in the book, "55 Years of Mercury" from a collection on the east coast. Jim was told that his car may have been built by a dealer in St. Louis for the head mechanic for Bill Stroppe Racing.

  • This Mercury was originally built at the St. Louis plant and was seen at a Crown Victoria Meet in St. Louis in the '90's.

  • Mr. Miller purchased this car at auction in August of 2006 in Santa Barbara, California. It turned out the car needed a lot of work. Jim chose Ed Cook of Camarillo, California to restore the car. The chrome was restored by King of Trim in North Hollywood, California and Mike Tackett of Reno, Nevada rebuilt the engine. Among other engine upgrades is a rare Offenhouser Tri-Power manifold and valve covers. 3 Stromberg 2-barrel carbs are used for induction and a Mallory electronic ignition provides the sparks.

  • The owner relates that his car rides really smooth with great acceleration, returning just under 20 MPG.

  • The rare Mercury gets a lot of reaction when Jim shows her, mostly smiles he reports. At car shows people come back 4 or 5 times, not believing their eyes. Jim says these two Ford and Mercury colors were never used together on any Merc or Ford. The Crown Montclair has been a show-winner right out of the box, taking first place and Best of Show at the Southern California Mustang Owner's Car Show at the Van Nuys Airport in the summer of 2008. Matt Stone, executive editor of Motor Trend Magazine selected this car as one of the 10 Cool Cars at the 2008 Fabulous Fords Forever shindig at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.

  • Mr. Miller of Ventura, California concludes by telling us, "I have been very fortunate to be awarded recognition at almost every event I have attended to date. This is amazing, fun, exciting, and I am blessed to have such a timeless piece of art to drive."

  • Click here for more information on our Mercury wire wheels.

  • At the Grand Nationals was Motorspot customer, Kevin McCray of Los Angeles, California. This show quality 1955 Mercury Montclair features nearly every option you could put on a Merc'.

  • Mr. McCray purchased his 15 X 6 Mercury wheels from Motorspot, Inc. with 3-bladed spinners and chrome, plain emblems. You have to agree that this Mercury is as sweet as they come.



  • At the recent Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California, famed Hall of Fame Kustomizer, Rick Dore displayed this spectacular Lincoln MK II. Considered one of America's best kustomizers, Rick chooses Motorspot, Inc. for his wire wheels and tires.

  • Surprisingly, this elegant Spyder with dual head fairings, uses our off-the-shelf Chrysler wire wheels without modification. When we say our wheels are show-quality, we mean it. You have to see this car in person to believe how well-built it is.


  • Mr. Richard Warthen of Sacramento, California ordered a set of our new chrome-plated, Hot Rod Wire Wheels for his 1930 Ford Model A with a TCI frame and suspension. Rick runs 15 X 6 inch wires in the front with wider, 15 X 8" rims in the rear. These wheels have 52 spokes and are also available in stainless steel spokes and nipples. Thank you Mr. Warthen for choosing Motorspot, Inc. for your wire wheel needs.


  • Good Guys Show in Del Mar, California. This 1955 Ford Sunliner runs a modern Ford V8. Looks very original but totally updated. Check out the perfect fit of the 15 X 6" wire wheels. Tires have a 2.5" whitewall. Owner: Vic Risling of Carlsbad, California.


Mr. Fred Dixon of Braxton, Mississippi owns this stellar 1956 Ford Victoria.
This is a frame-off restoration, taking over three years to complete. Mr. Dixon tells us, "your wire wheels really set it off, thanks again."
Rick Dore - 1936 Ford Kustom - Lip-lace 56 spoke wire wheels
Chet Miller - Multi show-winner Kustom Ford runs specially modified Cadillac Wires
1966 Ford Mustang - 15 X 6" Ford wire wheels from Truespoke
1964 Mercury Parklane Convertible  - Mr. Peter Weinert - Germany


  • This is a real 289 Cobra owned by our customer, Mr. Joe Mcmurrey of Texas. It is chassis number cx2147. Mr. Mcmurrey called upon our restoration department to bring his rare Dunlop 72 spoke wire wheels back to life. The result speaks for itself. If you already own wire wheels that would benefit from our restoration services, simply give us a call or drop us an email. Our show-winning craftsmanship will add value and pleasure to your collector car.


  • Motorspot, Inc. customer Jeff Ball has sent us these photos of his mild-Kustom 1958 Ford convertible with rare continental kit. Mr. Ball is running our 15 X 6" 56 spoke lip-lace wire wheels. The 3-bladed spinners carry special Ford emblems. Jeff joins with other top Kustomizers who use Motorspot, Inc. wheels for their cars such as John D'Agostino, Rick Dore and Oz Welch to name a few. The whitewall tires were also supplied by Motorspot, Inc. and are size: P205/70R15 by American Classic. The whitewall size is two inches.

  •  From Staten Island, New York, we received these views of Mr. Terrance Sindle's rare 1963 Mercury Monterey convertible. We love the continental kit on the rear and our wire wheels complete the package. Mr. Sindle runs the three bladed spinner on his Merc'.

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