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All automobiles shown in our Customer's Car Show pages are equipped with our products. Photos and information submitted came directly from our loyal customers. We thank you for participating and all of your cars are trophy-winners in our book! If you would like to submit photos of your vehicle (we also equip trailers and motorcycle trikes) please click on this link and send us some photos and descriptions.
Thanks a million!

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Owner: Stephen Tatoul captures two Best of Show honors at the 2017 Amelia Island, Florida, Festivals of Speed and the 2016 Black Diamond Invitational Concours.
Mr. Tatoul chose Truespoke Wire Wheels for his unique creation.

Owner: Mr. Silegheim Koen - France

1941 Packard - Owner: Mr. William M Jones Jr. - Truespoke all-chrome Packard wire wheels

Packard Caribbean - Owner: Mr. Ron Henry - 15 X 6" Packard wire wheels and wide whitewall tires from Truespoke.

We are very pleased with the wheels and tires from Truespoke. They really made a beautiful difference in the appearance of the car. Here are a few pictures of our 1955 Packard Clipper Constellation. We did a frame-off restoration and went back as close to original as possible. The torsion suspension, power seats, power antenna are all original. Only change under the hood is the radiator. My photos do not do the car justice. We appreciate you guys. Thanks again for a superior product. Sincerely, Stanley Ingram Alexander City, Alabama

1955 Kaiser Manhattan - Owner: Mr. Richard Plante
One of the more unusual cars we have equipped is this 1955 Kaiser Manhattan. These are special "lip-lace" wheels. The spokes sit close to the front lip of the rim.
This is needed for cars that have very little room in the wheel wells, especially cars with fender skirts. 1958 Impalas are tough to fit with skirts and we can prepare rims like this. The owner of this rare car is Mr. Richard Plante who tells us: "Here are a few photos of my 1955 Kaiser Manhattan with your wheels. They fit beautiful no problems at all." Let us help you select a proper-fitting wheel for your collector car.


"Here are some pictures of the Gran Turismo with your new wheels on got them mounted this week and have been driving it all around these last 3 days look great!
Thanks a lot for all of your patience with my endless questions and your recommendations that solved all of my many problems! Rob Cerame" These wheels are 15 X 5" Lip-lace style with Chrysler center caps


1956 Packard Clipper - "The wheels were the finishing touch that this car needed." Mr. Tracy Miller - Rensselaer, New York


1938 Packard Super 8 1605 - Owner: Mr. Luca Viola - Custom wheels size 16 X 6"


Owner: Elizabeth Bredeson, Rosharon Texas
2011 Harley Sportster Nightster Trike


Motorspot, Inc. customer Mr. Dave Krieg
Vehicle:1949 23rd series Custom 8 Victoria Convertible  Original cost: $4,526.00. One of 52 built in 1949
Tire size is P235/75R15. Note: Mr. Krieg indicates that the tire is a close-fit and the car must be placed on a hoist to install/remove tires. These are our off-the-shelf Packard wire wheels - 15 X 6".




"Thanks for doing such a great rebuild job on my rims. You delivered as promised. The quality and attention to detail is exceptional. Thanks Again, Mike T
The wheels shown are a rare set of original Truespoke Mercedes Benz wire wheels. For more information on our restoration services, please click here 

For modern cars, Motorspot, Inc. offers Dayton wire wheels. Check out this 2008 BMW 128i owned by Bob Fatschel and Mary Russell of Ft. Myers, Florida.
These wheels are direct-bolt style but have knock-off style caps. The spokes are stainless steel. For more information, please click here.

1975 Avanti II - Owner: Mr. David Cory

1940 Packard - Owner's name witheld

1971 Volvo P-1800 - Owner: Sigfred Knudsen - Ontario, Canada

Avanti - Owner: Mr. Chuck Block - Hawaii

C. Bessat - Paris: 1960 Mercedes Custom - Wheels: 50-spoke Truespokes with 3-bar spinners
Late model Jaguar runs Dayton wire wheels with Vogue tires. Owner: Mr. Mark Lease

  • It is not unusual for us to prepare custom-built wire wheels for trikes such as the one owned by our customer, Mr. Stephen Wells of San Antonio, Texas. This Harley Davidson powered rig runs our 52-spoke Hot Rod style wire wheels. The spokes are chrome plated steel and the hub and outer rim are powder-coated in an ink-black finish. The hub caps are stainless steel. The wheels measure 15 X 8" with a 3.25" backspace on a reverse pattern. Notice the perfect fit within the wheel wells.
  • Along with the pictures our customer sent us, he also let us know, "Here are some pics from this weekend when I picked up the trike at the shop in San Antonio. The guy in the yellow vest (shown below), with the red big wheel trike is missing his right arm. He is an inspiration to me. He volunteers at Brook Army Medical Center working with soldiers injured in the war by showing them that an amputation does not have to be the end of the world. And he is not even a vet, he was hit by a drunk driver. He built his trike out of what was left of his motorcycle after the drunk ran him down (himself). Thank you again for expediting delivery of the wheels.







  • This special 1950 Packard is now adorned with our Packard wire wheels and caps. The size is 15 X 6. The owners specified stainless steel spokes and nipples for this restoration.

  • Owners/restoration specialists: Garage Ackermann AG. Scheurenstrasse 15. CH-3293 Dotzigen. Switzerland.
Above: John D'Agostino's fabulous Packard Caribbean show car. Chrysler style 15 X 6" wheels were used for this show car. Handy photograph

  • This classic Packard is owned by John Wise. This Florida based Packard rolls on our off-the-shelf Packard wire wheels. One of our favorite cars.


  • This Studebaker is one of our favorite customer's cars.  Robyn and Ervin Souder took their car on vacation pulling this period correct travel trailer. They wanted to share these holiday photos with us. We have equipped many show cars in the last decade that we have been in business but we especially like to hear from customers who are able to drive their collector cars as much as they want.

Robyn and Ervin Souder own this incredible and rare Studebaker. The wheels used are our Chrysler spokes. Mr. and Mrs. Souder added the Studebaker emblem themselves. Sweeeet!

One of the more interesting cars we have seen on Truespokes is the 1953 Jaguar XK-120 Coupe owned by Ben Buksa of Weirton, West Virginia.
The 16 inch 50-spoke Truespokes with old 'skool bias-ply wide whites looks fantastic. Click here for more information on our 50-spoke Truespoke wire wheels.
1965 Cobra 289 - Dunlop wire wheels restored by Motorspot, Inc. Owner: Mr. Joe Mcmurrey

1953 Studebaker Commander
Owners: Wayne & Linda Byrd

Owner: Elizabeth Bredeson, Rosharon Texas
2011 Harley Sportster Nightster Trike

Wheels: Jet black outer and hub with chrome spokes. Wheel style: Chrome 'n Color. Please click here for more information.

America's Favorite Wire Wheels since 1974

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Wire wheels for your Thunderbird, Cadillac, Ford or Chevrolet. Hot rod wire wheels, steel wheels and more. Artillery wheels

Motorspot, Inc. is pleased to offer wire wheels for vintage cars. Our rims are triple chrome plated over a nickel base. We can supply wheels for your Thunderbird, Cadillac, Chrysler, Edsel, Ford and Packard. Roadster brand wire wheels are made in California of the highest quality materials. The rims are similar in appearance to the original Kelsey Hayes wheels. You will be very pleased with these hand built wire wheels that should give you years of motoring pleasure. Whether your T-Bird, Cadillac, Packard or Chrysler is used for show or street, you couldn't make a better choice for wire wheels. Please call or email us for friendly advice. We hope to ship you a set of wire wheels.