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Tom and Marion King- 1963 T-Bird - Wire Wheels by Truespoke
All automobiles shown in our Customer's Car Show pages are equipped with our products. Photos and information submitted came directly from our loyal customers. We thank you for participating and all of your cars are trophy-winners in our book! If you would like to submit photos of your vehicle (we also equip trailers and motorcycle trikes) please click on this link and send us some photos and descriptions. We have the best customers on Earth!
Thanks a million!


Hi Truespoke. Thanks for the help selecting your packaged brake system. I received my delivery on Friday.
I love the wheels and tires on my 1963. Really makes my car pop. Bob Duggan.

Multi-Show Winner - Mr. Jack Wells - 1955 Thunderbird on Truespoke all-chrome wire wheels and wide whites.
1963 Ford Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. Raul Silva - Restored by Keller Kustoms - El Paso, Texas

Thank you for this perfect wheels!
Jacob Russia Moscow. Ford Thunderbird Landau '1969

"Your wheels make the difference." Owner: Mr. David Hokenstrom

1966 Thunderbird - Q-Code 428 cubic inch matching numbers Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. Paul Oaten, New Zealand
Please click on photo to see more images.

Owner: Mr. Geiss

Hello Truespoke. "I earned First Place in the Pageant of the Thunderbird. Those wheels didn't hurt." Jack Wells

1959 Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. Kurt Burroughs
"Of all our projects, this is by far my favorite. But it didn't start that way. I didn't even choose it. In fact, I had no love for this car at all. And the back story of how this car came to be, would explain why we all felt it was a curse. But the more time we spent on it, the more the curse lifted. It was built to be a driver. While the body remain factory original, the color is our own creation. The drive train is all late model hardware consisting of a 4.6l aluminum modular motor, and electronic over drive tranny. The original gauges are all linked electronically to the new power and work flawlessly, including the speedometer. A custom adaptor attaches the original steering wheel to a tilt column that controls a totally custom power rack and pinion steering. A front sump oil pan and custom engine crossmember allowed enough clearance for the new steering. A nine speaker sound system, with amp and battery hidden under the car, keeps us in tunes. The sound system is linked to a custom fabbed, 5th generation I-pod, with navigation, that mounts in the original ashtray location. But somehow, we still manage to get lost occasionally. The car consistently averages 23 mpg, with the 400 hp Ford racing build motor. To reel the power back in, we incorporated power disc front brakes with a dual reservoir master cylinder. Rear discs are on the schedule before spring. It also has a one inch front sway bar, rear sway bar, KYB shocks on all corners, and a 2 inch lower ride height. The only thing we needed to give up was the glove box. Which now houses the computers needed to control it all. There a few kinks to work out yet. Nothing to major. Just a couple of things to make it truly a dependable, comfortable, driver. Thanks again for the help, and listening to the boring ramblings of a mad man. Kurt Burroughs

"I finally got your beautiful wire wheels on the car back in November and always get admiring looks and comments. The custom caps are exactly what I envisioned when I first contacted you back in December 2012. Feel free to use the images on your website."  Mr. Reese Burgoyne

"Thought you would like to know that my 1955 Thunderbird took first place again in the annual 2013 Pageant of the Thunderbird show. Those fine wheels helped again. Mr. Jack Wells


1956 Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. Jason Kirk Fisher. "As promised here is a picture of my T-Bird with the new wheels and tires you and Linda set me up with. She looks great!
Thanks again!" Jason Kirk Fisher  - Tire size: P205/75R15 - whitewall size: 2.50"

"I purchased wire wheels from Truespoke a few years ago and I thought this picture might be fun. My purchase was excellent and you kept me informed all the way."
Mr. Tom Stockdale, Missoula, Montana

Above: Mr. Angelo Simone's elegant Thunderbird

1959 Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. Popp - 14 X 5" Thunderbird wheels with narrow whitewall American Classic P205/75R14 tires

1956 Thunderbird - Owners: Ken and Shirley Mailloux - Ontario, Canada

Sharon and Gary Hoffman continue their winning ways as their Truespoke equipped Thunderbird ran the table at a recent Concours. They need to order a King-size trophy case with this 'Bird!
I used your wheels for another of the cars I have restored, that was a 57 T-bird. Now I just bought a 56 Mercury convertible that I will restore for myself and when time comes I might order a set of these wheels for it as well. I just love the look and quality. Thanks, Gry A Stordahl - Norway




Mr. Wade McKissick sent us this photo of his flawless Thunderbird with all-chrome Truespokes with wide whitewalls.

1960 Thunderbird - Owner: Zak Saab



  • Repeat wheel and tire customers, Joel and Laurel Towart of Fallbrook, California drove their latest T-Bird acquisition to the Truespoke HQ for these photos. Joel prefers to run without fender skirts to showcase his Truespokes.

1963 Thunderbird with Truespoke chrome-steel wire wheels and wide whitewall tires. Owner: Mr. Harold Risner.

Owners: Gary & Sharon Hoffman

The wheels turned out great; really dress up the old bird. Way to celebrate her 50th birthday! Thanks, Emert Wyss

Mr. Roberto Juarez sent us photos of his mild kustom Thunderbird convertible. Mr. Juarez runs our Thunderbird wheels with a modified
Cadillac center cap and bullet. All available from us.
1957 Thunderbird. Owner: Mr. C.J. Morton

Chuck and Donna Kirby of Oregon sent us this photo of their striking 1957 Thunderbird with our Truespoke wire wheel package.
We appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Kirby  displaying their car without the fender skirts. Permitting a better viewing of the wire wheels. Great looker!

"We are going to leave the fender skirts off our car. The wheels are too nice to hide. Thanks again for all of your help during the buying process and for the beautiful wheels you guys created. A car hop at the local A&W here in Sweet Home asked us what kind of mileage our T-Bird got (after we put
the new wheels on). We told her it gets a hundred smiles per gallon in the city. Thanks again for everything. Chuck and Donna Kirby."


Motorspot, Inc. Customer Mr. Victor Koontz of Pasadena, California owns this elegant 1962 Thunderbird that is painted an unusual ice blue, Mercedes Benz type color.
The Wire wheels and wide whites are the finishing touch to a spectacular Thunderbird. We would love to see this 'Bird with the top down cruising down Colorado Boulevard on New Year's Day!




  • Thomas Stockdale of Missoula, Montana sent us these photos of his impeccable 1956 Thunderbird. We love this color and obviously, under the hood we have a full concours restoration right down to the antique battery. Mr. Stockdale's note to us says, "Just wanted to thank you for the great service and follow-up on delivery of my wire wheel and tire package. Thanks again, Tom Stockdale".

Jerry Ski has an amazing collection of automobiles and this 1956 Thunderbird is truly a museum piece. Running wire wheels from Motorspot, Inc., our customer recognizes that when we say show-quality, we mean it. Note the rare 1957 fuel injected '57 Bel Air in the background and a Foose-built hot rod to the right.



  • Mr. Clyde Cherry of Zanesville, Ohio sent us this collection of photos of his Concours 1958 Thunderbird convertible. The wire wheels compliment this car dramatically. Note that Mr. Cherry is not running his fender skirts. Owning a 1958 ourselves, we think the open wheel well look is very appealing and naturally, you can see more of our wire wheels that way. Check out the photos of this highly-detailed beauty.
Tom and Marion King- 1963 T-Bird - 1" narrow whitewall tires
1960 Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. William D. Stanley  - Concours Winner
Mr. Max Tait of Australia

1965 Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. Michael Gillett - Check out the amazing interior on this beauty.
Mr. Robert Vaughan - 1961 Thunderbird


  •  We don't often get to see a 'Baby Bird without its fenderskirts on with wire wheels. This owner's 1956 Thunderbird was a hit at the recent Belmont Shore Car Show in California. Note how nice the wire wheel looks in the continental kit cover. Tires used are Coker Classic radials.
Top Kustomizer Oz Welch unveiled this sensational 1963 Thunderbird, "Lucielle", full-kustom wearing Truespoke, off-the-shelf wire wheels.

"I wanted to send pictures of the new wheels and tires I purchased from you. They look and ride awesome. Thanks, Marcus Puccini"

  • Mr. Jack Wells allowed us to equip his stellar 1955 Thunderbird with our wire wheels. Mr Wells tells us he loves them. The wheel size is 15 X 5" with P205/75R15 tires. Whitewall stripe size is approximately 2.5". Thank you for choosing Motorspot, Inc. for your wheels and sharing these exciting photos with us.

1955 Thunderbird - Owner: Mr. Chris Morris


  • We have built our reputation on equipping Thunderbirds with our 56 spoke wire wheels. This very original and Concours 1963 Thunderbird is proudly owned by Dan Bouchard of Waterford, Connecticut. The tire size is P215/75R14. The whitewall stripe measures approximately 1.3".



  • Jeff and Diana Triplett of North Olmsted, Ohio own this elegant and formal looking two window coupe, 1966 Thunderbird. The wheel size is 15 X 6". The blue emblems match the body quite well. We love this roof-line with no rear windows and also no fender skirts.

  • Mr. Jack E. Wells sent us this photo of his outstanding 1955 Thunderbird equipped with wire wheels from Motorspot, Inc. The tire size is: P205/75R15 and the whitewall stripe measures 2.5". This classic beauty is a real show-stopper. Although originality counts, it is very hard to top the elegance of real wire wheels with wide whitewall tires over the original hubcaps. Mr. Wells is from Laverne, California. The '55 just completed an extensive ground-up restoration and has already earned one Best of Show award at the prestigious Enderle show in Tustin, California. Good work!

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