1955-1967 Thunderbirds
America's favorite chrome
wire wheels since 1974

  • Thunderbird Wire Wheels by Truespoke®


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Thunderbird chrome wire wheel.

Thunderbird wire wheel is shown with our
optional wheel and tire package.

Thunderbird spoked rim with white wall tire.

Shown is the American Classic P205/75R15 whitewall tire with a 2.5 inch whitewall.

Spoked Kelsey Hayes Thunderbird type wire wheel.
Thunderbird chrome wire wheel by Truespoke®

Cap choices:
Black, Red, Blue
or plain chrome
Caps are included with your wheel purchase.
  • Truespoke® Chrome Steel Wire Wheels
  • Price: $2,100.00 for the set of four Truespoke® wire wheels with 4 spinners and center logo caps.
  • 56 Chrome plated steel spokes and chrome plated steel nipples.
    American made chrome plated steel spokes
  • All steel spinner hub cap - not plastic
    Includes 3-bladed spinner center cap with Thunderbird logo. 
  • Logo emblems available in black, red, blue or chrome. 
  • Truespoke® limited warranty.
  • Requires optional inner-tubes at extra cost.
  • Shipping and tires are available but not included.
    Please click here for a comparison of stainless steel vs. chrome steel.
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  • Premium Truespoke® Stainless Wire Wheels
  • Price: $2,700.00 for the set of four Truespoke® wire wheels and center logo caps.
  • 56 Stainless steel spokes AND stainless steel nipples.
  • American-made and hand-polished stainless steel spokes and nipples.
  • Includes 3-bladed spinner center cap with Thunderbird logo. 
  • Requires optional inner-tubes at extra cost.
  • Logo emblems available in black, red, blue or chrome.
  • Truespoke® limited warranty.
  • Shipping and tires are not included.
  • Please click here for a comparison of stainless steel vs. chrome steel.
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Thunderbird Chrome Wheel and Tire Packages

Truespoke® Chrome wheels and American Classic steel belted radial, wide whitewall tires: $3,300.00
*Bias-Look American Classic Tires are available at extra cost. Please contact us for pricing.

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Thunderbird Stainless Wheel and Tire Packages

Truespoke® Premium Stainless wheels and American Classic steel belted radial, wide whitewall tires: $3,900.00
*Bias-Look American Classic Tires are available at extra cost.
Please contact us for pricing.

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Included are the following items and services in our wire wheel and tire packages: 
Four Thunderbird wire wheels.
Four 3-bladed spinner style, center caps with your choice of color center logos. Red, black or blue.
Four wide whitewall tires. Our packages come with American Classic brand steel belted radial tires. (*Bias-Look American Classic tires are  available at extra cost. Please contact us for pricing.) You may also order at extra cost, BFGoodrich, Coker and Goodyear steel belted radials. We also carry Firestone, BFGoodrich, Coker and Goodyear bias-ply tires. Please call for tire prices on any of these optional tires.
American Classic whitewall tires are made in the U.S.A. by a tire manufacturer in business since 1915. The American Classic tires are speed-rated, all-season and have an estimated tread life of 45,000 miles.
Four correct inner-tubes.
Precision mounting and balancing by the wire wheel experts.
Shipping costs are not included.

Why buy a wheel and tire package?

Best value: when you add up the cost of purchasing wheels, tires, inner-tubes (if needed), professional mounting and balancing, valve stems, special German no-lead stick-on weights and the value of your time, you cannot beat purchasing your new wheels with tires as a package from us.

Ease of installation: Sadly, there are too few tire shops capable of mounting and properly balancing wire wheels and classic, whitewall tires. Most tire shops do not have proper, modern installation equipment or experience to do the job right. What often occurs is that an inexperienced technician will scratch, dent or drop your wheel, causing harm to it. Worse yet, the installer will cause your wheel to leak or the installer might not be able to balance your wheel and tire at all! All-the-while, the customer is spending hours watching, waiting and hoping that the installer does the job right and without harming their new wheels and tires.

Great selection: Only we can offer our customer nearly any brand, size and style of whitewall tire on the market. We make sure that you have the right size, quality and price when you select your wheel and tire package.

Safety: More and more states and countries are outlawing or imposing liability for harm caused by tires that are six years old or older. Many owners plan on installing their old tires onto their new wheels, only to find out subsequently that a responsible tire shop will refuse to work on tires over six years old!

Shipping costs: It is less expensive to ship a wheel and tire package than to purchase wheels and tires and have them shipped separately.
▪ Let us explain all the advantages in having your wheels and tires purchased as a package. You will be very happy that you did.

Shown on left and above: American Classic P205/75R15 with a 2.5" whitewall.

Wire Wheels  and tires are Available for the following years:

● 1955-1956 - Size: 15 X 5 (Tire Sizes: Bias-Ply: 6.70-15 - Radial: P205/75R15)
● 1957 - Size: 14 X 5.5 (
Tire Sizes: Bias-Ply: 7.50-14 - Radial: P205/75R14)
● 1958-1963 - Size: 14 X 5.5 (
Tire Sizes: Bias-Ply: 8.00-14 - Radial: P215/75R14) 
● 1964 - Size: 15 X 6 (
Tire Sizes: Bias-Ply: 7.10-15 - Radial: P215/75R15)
● 1965-1966 - Size: 15 X 6 (
Tire Sizes: Bias-Ply: 8.15-15 - Radial: P215/75R15)
● 1967 - Size: 15 X 6 (
Tire Sizes: Bias-Ply: 8.45-15 - Radial: P215/75R15)
● Post 1967 - Please call for your application

● Continental Kit? If you are planning on running a steel belted radial tire, it is possible that the tire will not fit in your Continental kit due to dimensions differing from the original bias-ply tires. The American Classic "Bias-Look" radial tires will fit or a bias-ply will be needed. Click here to see the "Bias-Look" tire. For an explanation of the differences between radial and bias-ply tires, please click here.

Need to replace a cap? You can buy them now for $75.00 each
plus shipping. Before ordering, please measure your hubcap hole size. These caps will only fit into a 6.165 inch hole. Larger or smaller holes will not work.

Disc brake conversion kit for Thunderbird.
Thunderbird Disc Brake Conversion Kits from Truespoke®
Make your car handle and stop like a modern car with this simple to install kit.
Built to work with our wire wheels where other kits will not fit.
No cutting required.
 Please click here for more information.

Actual customer submitted photos. We have many satisfied customers in both the U.S. and Overseas.  We hope to be able to equip your special Thunderbird some day as well.
Please click on thumb-nail images for larger photos.
Click here for even more photos

1955 Thunderbird
Owner: Mr. Chris Morris
1955 Thunderbird
Owner: Mr. Jack Wells

1956 Thunderbird

1956 Thunderbird
Owner: Mr. Jerry Ski

1956 Thunderbird
Owner: Thomas Stockdale

1956 Thunderbird
Owner: Mr. Jason Kirk Fisher

1956 Thunderbird
Owners: Ken & Shirley Mailloux

1957 Thunderbird
Owner: Mr. Reese Burgoyne

1957 Thunderbird
Owners: Gry A Stordahl

1957 Thunderbird
Owners: Chuck and Dona Kirby
1957 Thunderbird.
Mr. Bruce Gerten
jefftbird603.jpg (114223 bytes)
1957 Thunderbird
Owner: Jeff Hallam
lglittlebird52102.jpg (76164 bytes)
1960 Thunderbird 
Owner: William D. Stanley

1958 Ford Thunderbird
Owner: Clyde Cherry

Owner: Marcus Puccini

1960 Thunderbird -
Mr. Zak Saab

Owner: Roberto Juarez

1962 Thunderbird -
Owner: Mr. Victor Koontz
Owner: Gary &
Sharon Hoffman

1963 Thunderbird
Dan Bouchard

1963 Thunderbird
Owner: Oz Welch

1963 Thunderbird "Kingbird" Owners: Tom and Marion King

1965 Thunderbird
Owner: Michael Gillett

Owners: Joel & Laurel Towart

Owner: Mr. Wade McKissick

1964 Thunderbird
Owner: Donald Stambaugh

1965 Thunderbird
Jim Gallagher
MaxTaitlarge.jpg (99648 bytes)
Owner: Max Tait

1963 Thunderbird - Owner: Harold Risner

1966 Thunderbird
Owners: Jeff & Diana Tripplet

1959 Thunderbird
Owner: Mr. Popp

"Your wheels make the difference." Owner: Mr. David Hokenstrom

1966 Thunderbird Q-Code
Owner: Mr. Paul Oaten - NZ

Click here for even more Thunderbird photos

  • Wizard's Mist 'N Shine: As used by the Truespoke factory on all our wheels and caps. The best product we have found.

  • Adds a Show-Winning Gloss and Slickness to your wheels.
    Safe for Show Chrome and Lexan
    Hides Swirls, Will not Scratch* or Streak*, even in Direct Sun
    Anti-Static, Perfect for Spot Cleaning or “Dry Washing” to Remove Dust, Bugs, Oily Fingerprints and More
    Contains No Wax, Solvents or Silicone

    $16.95 per bottle with sprayer as shown.

Whitewall tire cleaner.
Please click here for more information on this amazing product

For those owners who need a polish that can remove and improve dirty or rough surfaces, we highly recommend X-Treem Metal Polish. This hard to find product works well and is easy to use. We like the fact that it is like cotton or wool that is impregnated with the polishing material. You can work it between the spokes and nipples and reach hard to access spots on your wheels.

Please click here for more photos, price and information on how to use the product and how it helped shine up a very rude wire wheel!


Wire wheel metal polish.

Are your wheels showing some rust?
Imported from Germany, since 1929, this incomparably superior, quality metal polish is a very popular product.
It has won three international gold medals and is recommended by manufacturers, museums and restoration experts around the world.
It safely and easily removes oxidation, corrosion, stains, and rust.
It produces a brilliant reflective luster and leaves an invisible protective coating to ensure a long-lasting shine.
Used by Truespoke on all our wheels both new and in our restoration process.
If your wheels are showing light or surface rust, this is a terrific product to remove rust without harming your chrome finish. Try it once and you can prove to yourself that this is one amazing product.

Price: $15.00 per tube + shipping  (75 ml - 3.33 ounces)

America's favorite wire wheels since 1974  
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