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All automobiles shown in our Customer's Car Show pages are equipped with our products. Photos and information submitted came directly from our loyal customers. We thank you for participating and all of your cars are trophy-winners in our book! If you would like to submit photos of your vehicle (we also equip trailers and motorcycle trikes) please click on this link and send us some photos and descriptions.
Thanks a million!

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Hot Rods & Custom Cars
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Is this a one-off or is it a production car? If you guessed one-off, you are wrong. This is Mr. Bill Kingwell's fascinating automobile known as an Alti. We have to admit that we have seen a lot of cars in our time but nothing like this one. This car was factory built in 1984. A total of 51 Altis were constructed and all but one of them ended up overseas. The manufacturer kept one car for himself. Flash-forward to 2011 when Bill purchased this car for himself. He describes the car as being "butt-ugly" when he first bought her. That didn't stop Bill from customizing the car to his own tastes. When it came to wire wheels, Mr. Kingwell's first choice was Truespoke. These classic-cross-lace wires were prepared for Bill's car which is now show quality. This is a unique car to be sure and we are very happy that our customer is taking the Alti out to car shows where the public can enjoy seeing this unusual and distinctive vehicle.


Mr. Tom Peterson of Fallbrook, California built this unique 1931 Ford Victoria Hot Rod in his home workshop. He chose Truespoke 50-spoke wire wheels for this show-winning hot rod.


Owner: Mr. Tom Hansen - Custom Woodie with our 52-spoke all-chrome Hot Rod Wire Wheels. Please click here for more information.

"Here is a photo of my 1932 Chevrolet Standard sedan with the Truespoke wheels and BFG wide whitewall tires you had made up for me" Owner: Mr. Norm Silver - Vacaville, California

1964 Impala - Owner: Jesus Villalobos - 50-spoke Truespoke 14 X 7" reverse pattern with 3-bar spinners
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Close-up of Mr. Miller's wheel. He painted the Ford emblem by hand
Mr. Chet Miller - 1930 Ford Hot Rod - Chet is running our chrome hot rod wire wheel package with wide whitewall tires.

1935 Buick - Owner: Mr. Leland Dockery - Custom-built Truespoke wire wheels

Chet Miller just finished this golden Ford pick-up for his girl friend Donna. Chet runs our Hot Rod chrome wire wheels.

1950 Ford Shoebox Custom - Owner: Mr. Ron Smith - Wheels: 50-spoke Truespoke standard pattern with "Donut" caps.

Hi Truespoke! Thank you for all you help with my wheels. I have attached some photos of your wheels on my 1934 Ford - everyone that sees the wheels comments on how good they are.
We think they are fabulous. Cheers, Rod & Margaret McPhee from Melbourne. Please click here for more information on these Hot Rod style wire wheels.
1947 Cadillac show winner is owned by master Kustomizer Oz Welch - 48 Spoke Truespoke wire wheels

Mr. Curtis Fromm - 1977 Lincoln - 50-spoke Truespoke - 50 spokes 14 X 6" reverse pattern

1959 Cadillac: Johny Hals - Norway - Truespoke 50-spokes - Size: 16 X 7" with BFGoodrich tire package we supplied
1959 Cadillac "Elvis" - Built by John D'Agostino - 15 X 6" Stainless steel Truespoke "D"Agostino" special edition wheels

1929 Ford Pick-up. Owner: Mr. Bill Dunaway - Truespoke wire wheels.
Famed Kustomizer King: John D'Agostino's 1961 Olds Starfire "Aladdin"

Mr. J.P. Flores - 1933 Chevrolet Master with Truespoke 50-spoke wire wheels and 3-bladed spinners.
Rick Dore - 1936 Ford Kustom - Lip-lace 56 spoke wire wheels

Chris Keo - 1959 Chevy Biscayne - CA - Wheels: 50-spoke Truespokes with "Donut" center caps

1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Owner: Ron Lavine - Wheels: 17 X 7" 50-spoke Truespokes with Vogue tire package

Steve Sjensen is one of our tire customers and we wanted you to see his very kool Merc.

1932 Ford - Owner: Mr. Charles Rich - Temecula, California. Wheels: Truespoke Smoothies - Fronts: 15 X 6", Rears: 15 X 8".
Tires: American Classic wide whitewalls. Fronts: P165R15, Rears: P235/75R15.

Dear Truespoke, Good morning. Attached are a few photos on my Chevy after I put the new wheels on.
The wheels do indeed make the car look better. I have had so many compliments on the car and your wheels. Good job. I would recommend your company to anyone. Warm regards and I am starting to work on another vintage car. Regards, Joseph Boisvert (The wheels shown are Truespoke 50-spoke, all-chrome).

From Alaska, Mr. Greg Parson ordered these special built Hot Rod style wheels for his 1931 Ford pick up.

Owner: Mr. Steve Westmacott - 1961 Cadillac - Adelaide, Australia - 15 X 6" Truespoke 48-spoke wire wheels.


Mr. Harry Wolstenholme sent us these photos of his 1976 Corvette. The wheels are no longer in production. They were our "FAT WIRES". They had 30-spokes. Sadly, they are no longer available and Harry got our last set in his size. Fantastic 'Vette and wheels.

Mr. Anthony Romero runs our Chevrolet 56-spoke Kelsey Hayes style wire wheels with the 3-bladed spinner cap. This elegant convertible has won many car shows and speciality trophies. The wheel size is 15 X 6". Smaller and larger sizes are available upon special order. Please click here for our Chevrolet wire wheel information.

Mr. Roberto Juarez sent us photos of his mild kustom Thunderbird convertible. Mr. Juarez runs our Thunderbird wheels with a modified
Cadillac center cap and bullet. All available from us.
 Mr. Bill Westall's incredible 1932 Ford Hot Rod rides on Truespoke Hot Rod wheels with wide white wall radials.
The spokes and nipples are chrome plated steel. The Ford V8 cap was also supplied by us.
Please click here for more information.

Mr. Stephen York owns this very rare Plymouth coupe. The wheels shown were restored by us and are the original items. The side-mount wheels were especially difficult to restore and for those wheels we used custom-made spokes that are thicker than a normal spoke. The caps are the original Plymouth parts. Mr. York was great to work with and entirely patient. The customer told us, "The wire wheels complement the 'classic' look of the car. I truly appreciate your efforts to deliver the wheels despite almost every obsaicle that could have befallen you. You guys deserve a big pat on the back and I will certainly recommend you should the opportunity present itself."



Thanks for all your effort and as you can see, the wheels enhance the whole car. We want to put the car in more shows. Great advertising for you. Ross Robinson, Sacramento, California.


Mr. Bill Schuman ordered a custom set of Hot Rod Wires for his special 'Rod. Bill sent this photo with the following note:

1954 Chevrolet Bel Air - Owner: Mr. Oscar Ruelas of Whittier, California - Shown at the Grand National Roadster Show - 2011



Octopus's Garden - Ron Cambra of Orange, California built this special 1990 Dodge Van for the 2010 SEMA Show and as a featured vehicle in Truckin' Magazine. Ron selected Truespoke 50-spoke Classics in 15 X 7 and 15 X 8" sizes.
More Truespoke wheels can be seen by clicking here.



  • At the GNRS, there was a tribute to past show-winners. John D'Agostino's Aladdin Oldsmobile was front and center. We thought you would like to see a close-up of his wheels and caps. John has chosen Motorspot for his show-winning wire wheels over the years. Congratulations John and thank you!

  • This Ultra-Luxe Lincoln is called the "Bugazzi" and was hand-built by award winning Kustomizer David Pyegeorge. David selected our Cadillac wire wheels and caps and added a bullet to them. These bullets are available in our accessory department if you like this smooth and kustom look. We think this Lincoln is definitely over-the-top. What do you think? Thank you David for riding with Motorspot!



  • At the recent Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California, famed Hall of Fame Kustomizer, Rick Dore displayed this spectacular Lincoln MK II. Considered one of America's best kustomizers, Rick chooses Motorspot, Inc. for his wire wheels and tires.

  • Surprisingly, this elegant Spyder with dual head fairings, uses our off-the-shelf Chrysler wire wheels without modification. When we say our wheels are show-quality, we mean it. You have to see this car in person to believe how well-built it is.


1957 Buick Caballero station wagon is owned by Mr. Stan Kolan and rides on Truespoke wire wheels.

  • The Truespoke display was a huge hit with the fans. Our spokes-model, Kim Falcon was on hand signing autographs and running our hourly auction. We gave away over $1,000.00 in prizes and merchandise. Mr. Stan Kolan's Caballero "Dorothy" was a real showstopper and we had plenty of Motorspot and Truespoke wheels on display. We hope to do more shows this year as well. We thank Mr. Kolan for all of his help and those wire wheel fans that stopped by. We look forward to meeting you at a future event.

Top Kustomizer Oz Welch poses next to Mr. Stan Kolan's "Dorothy" 1957 Buick Caballero Kustom. Oz chose our Cyclone 60-spoke knock-off wire wheels for this show-winning Buick. Oz unveiled the top Kustom at the show as shown below. Although wire wheels were not selected by Oz, we thought you still would like to see the top car.
Oz is currently building a radical Riviera that will run on wire wheels.

West Coat Kustoms Cruisin' Nationals - Santa Maria, California. Motorspot, Inc. presented a special trophy to the Kustom with the best use of wire wheels-any brand. Mr. Laurie Peterson of Canada Customs of West Vancouver, BC drove this jaw-dropping 1954 Buick all the way down and back. One of the Top 5 Kustoms at the event, Laurie's Buick is phenomenal in all respects. These are Kelsey-Hayes replicas.


  • Mr. Richard Warthen of Sacramento, California ordered a set of our new chrome-plated, Hot Rod Wire Wheels for his 1930 Ford Model A with a TCI frame and suspension. Rick runs 15 X 6 inch wires in the front with wider, 15 X 8" rims in the rear. These wheels have 52 spokes and are also available in stainless steel spokes and nipples. Thank you Mr. Warthen for choosing Motorspot, Inc. for your wire wheel needs.

At the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California, we caught Motorspot, Inc. customer, Mr. Fred Rieneke of Grant's Pass, Oregon displaying his very attractive and detailed 1957 Pontiac Chieftain. Fred runs a Cadillac cap on his rims and narrow whitewalls. This unusual Pontiac deserves a Best of Show trophy in our view!  

1958 Chevrolet Impala - Owner: Mr. Anthony Romero of Southern California. Wheels by Motorspot, Inc.


  • Looking for something unusual?  Motorspot, Inc. customer Mr. Bob Ferenczi owns this late model Thunderbird. Built from 2002 -2005, these modern T-Birds are gaining popularity and are becoming collector cars. When it comes to wheels, there aren't many options available other than our 17" wire wheel with original style spinner caps. Styling-wise, Mr. Ferenczi's T-Bird incorporates the coachwork design of a 1957 Baby Bird and our wheels help finish off the look. What do you think?

  • It is not unusual for us to prepare custom-built wire wheels for trikes such as the one owned by our customer, Mr. Stephen Wells of San Antonio, Texas. This Harley Davidson powered rig runs our 52-spoke Hot Rod style wire wheels. The spokes are chrome plated steel and the hub and outer rim are powder-coated in an ink-black finish. The hub caps are stainless steel. The wheels measure 15 X 8" with a 3.25" backspace on a reverse pattern. Notice the perfect fit within the wheel wells.
  • Along with the pictures our customer sent us, he also let us know, "Here are some pics from this weekend when I picked up the trike at the shop in San Antonio. The guy in the yellow vest (shown below), with the red big wheel trike is missing his right arm. He is an inspiration to me. He volunteers at Brook Army Medical Center working with soldiers injured in the war by showing them that an amputation does not have to be the end of the world. And he is not even a vet, he was hit by a drunk driver. He built his trike out of what was left of his motorcycle after the drunk ran him down (himself). Thank you again for expediting delivery of the wheels.







  • Dr. Steven Alvarez Mott owns this stellar 1958 Chevrolet Impala convertible. The custom built wire wheels have a high offset to clear the rear fender skirts. This California convertible is one sweet ride.
Chet Miller - Multi show-winner Kustom Ford runs specially modified Cadillac Wires
Above: John D'Agostino's fabulous Packard Caribbean show car. Chrysler style 15 X 6" wheels were used for this show car. Handy photograph
Greg Griffin - Buick Kustom with Cyclone wire wheels by Motorspot, Inc.
Top Kustomizer Oz Welch unveiled this sensational 1963 Thunderbird, "Lucielle", full-kustom wearing Truespoke, off-the-shelf wire wheels.




  • This mild-kustom 1963 Nova station wagon uses our 14 X 5.5" custom, lip-lace wire wheels. The hub caps are our 3-bladed spinners with Chevrolet emblems. This very pleasing wagon is being built by Wheels Unlimited in Japan who also are a Truespoke dealer. Master-builder Kyohei tells us: "I attached the pictures of the 1963 Chevy Nova Wagon I recently painted pearl cream. We put in an Air Ride system with 4 Link suspension and your special built 14x5.5 Lip Laced Chevy Wire Wheels. Thanks, Kyohei"

  • Mr. Darrel Copeman of Byron, Michigan chose Motorspot, Inc. to build his 18 inch wire wheels for his outstanding 1931 Chevrolet. The wheels are 18 X 8" and 18 X 5.5" and use 52 chrome-steel spokes.

  • This traditional style Hot Rod is very tasteful and carries an original theme throughout.

  • Mr. Copeman sent these photos with this note, "The wheels worked great, they made the car!"

  • If you are looking to put some wire wheels on your Hot Rod, keep Motorspot, Inc. in mind.
Rick Dore relied on us for wire wheels such as are shown on the Skyscraper 1953 Buick Skylark, owned by James Hetfield of Metallica. 

Owner: Chet Miller - Wheels - Truespoke OEM with Spider Caps, trim rings and BFGoodrich Whitewall Tires

America's Favorite Wire Wheels since 1974

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Motorspot, Inc. is pleased to offer wire wheels for vintage cars. Our rims are triple chrome plated over a nickel base. We can supply wheels for your Thunderbird, Cadillac, Chrysler, Edsel, Ford and Packard. Roadster brand wire wheels are made in California of the highest quality materials. The rims are similar in appearance to the original Kelsey Hayes wheels. You will be very pleased with these hand built wire wheels that should give you years of motoring pleasure. Whether your T-Bird, Cadillac, Packard or Chrysler is used for show or street, you couldn't make a better choice for wire wheels. Please call or email us for friendly advice. We hope to ship you a set of wire wheels.