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Direct Bolt-On Wire Wheels

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Direct Bolt Cross-Lace
Shown all chrome with hexagon cap

Direct Bolt Cross Well Lace
13-18" All chrome - 70 spokes - hex cap

Direct Bolt Cross Well Lace
Painted 13-18" 70 spoke-outer S/S spokes

Direct Bolt Reverse Cross-Lace
13-17" - 70 spoke - all chrome - hex cap

Direct Bolt Litewire
Cross Bead Lace

See below on the right

Direct Bolt Cross Bead Lace
13-17" - 64 spoke-all chrome-hex cap

Wheels shown have center caps that in some cases are included in the price depending upon the style selected. Spinner caps are shown on the Accessories page and are available at extra cost.

  • Every wheel built by Dayton Wire Wheel includes over 90 years of engineering and manufacturing knowledge. Some key features include:
  • Perma-True Technology. Dayton Wire Wheels are designed to be maintenance free which means they never need re-truing or retightening. This achievement is the result of a special combination of materials, design and assembly techniques.
  • Stainless Steel Spokes which cannot rust and have twice the strength of chrome plated spokes.
  • Forged Steel Hubs are stronger than stamped steel and offer improved wheel performance.
  • Four layer Nickel Chrome plating. All plating is done at the Dayton factory, and four layers means improved corrosion resistance, and long lasting durability.
  • Pressure leak test. Each tubeless sealed wheel is factory leak checked to ensure you receive a quality product.
  • Made in the USA. Dayton Wire Wheels have been built in Dayton, Ohio since 1916.

Paint Charges


Rim 13"-18" $80.00
Rim 20"-24" $80.00
Hub $70.00
Spoke $2.00 per spoke
Nipple N/A
Cap N/A
All Chrome or All Paint   Price per wheel

Rim Size

Spoke Count  

13 and 14 inch diameters - 5, 6 and 7 inch widths

70 $500.00
15 inch diameter - 5, 6, 7 and 8 inch widths 70 $500.00
15 inch diameter - 10 inch width 70 $540.00
16 inch diameter - 6, 7, 8 and 9 inch widths 70 $530.00
17 inch diameter - 7, 8 and 9 inch widths 70 $560.00
18 inch diameter - 8 inch width 70 $590.00
18 inch diameter - 9 inch width 70 $600.00
20 inch diameter - 8 inch width 70 $600.00
  • Prices are per wheel and include Hex cap and 5 lug nuts.

  • All bolt circles are available from 4.25" up to 5".

  • Bolt circles under 4.25" are available but you must add $20 per wheel extra.

  • A free lug socket is included with every four wheels.

  • Available in all chrome, painted, 24K gold plating, copper plating or combination thereof.

  • 60, 64, 70 & 72 spokes may be available depending upon your bolt pattern and style chosen and size of the wheel. Please call for more information.

  • Custom painting available at extra cost. Please call for more information and prices.

  • Accessories: Standard lug bolt or nut: $6.00.

  • 11/16 Lug Wrench: $25.00

  • Standard, hexagon or octagon cap: $17.50

  • 2 or 3 ear cap: $40.00

 Optional Spinners and Caps


Dayton Bolt On
2 Ear 70 Spoke Cap
Price: $40.00 

Dayton Bolt ON
3 Ear 1.75" Logo 70 Spk Cap
Price: $40.00

Dayton Bolt ON
Standard Hexagon 1.75" Logo
70 Spoke Cap
Price: $17.50

Dayton Bolt ON
Standard Octagon 1.75" Logo
70 Spoke Cap
Price: $17.50

  • Direct Bolt Dayton Litewire wheels.
  • These special wheels have an alloy outer rim to insure the highest quality ride from todays' newer and more sensitive suspensions.
  • Great for new Jaguars and Cadillacs.
  • Available in both front wheel and rear wheel drive offsets.
All Chrome   Price
per wheel
Rim Size Spoke Count  
16 X 7.5" 70 $840.00
17 X 8" 70 $850.00
18 X 8" 70 $930.00

Above: Mr. Tommy John's incredible 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham rides on Dayton Direct Bolt wire wheels.
The size of the wheels are 15 X 6. The tires are Vogue brand, size P235/70R15.

 Mr. Phil Mueller sent us photos of his Buick Riviera that is equipped with Dayton brand wire wheels. Mr. Mueller's new wheels run 70 spokes and are bead-lace, direct-bolt style.

We offer other styles of wire wheels for both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive automobiles.
Please click here for more information.

Mr. Jerome Patrick chose our Dayton 70-spoke, direct bolt style wire wheels for his front wheel drive 1991 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. The narrow whitewalls and 2-bladed spinners complete the entire package.
The wheel sizes are 15 X 7".

Above: 1985 Buick Riviera - Owner: Mr. Joseph Bonfiglio - 15" X 7" Daytons with Vogue Tires


Mr. Sigfred Knudsen of Ontario, Canada owns this 1971 Volvo - P1800. The wheels are 15 X 6" Direct Bolt style with a 2-bladed spinner. Please click on the car photo to view a before and after study. Mr. Knudsen says, "I am very pleased with the result." Please click here for before and after photos.

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